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The Brexit Scandal

Getting divorced is clearly a mess but having someone coming to divorce with wrongful demands is even messier and a big problem since it distracts from the facts of the divorce.  In case of UK-EU the EU demands around +60Billion for this divorce.

The UK people have spoken and don’t want to be longer a part of the criminal endeavor called European Union. Many countries got sucked into this project that was never meant to be for the people and most Europeans know that.

Many countries from Europe have paid into this project in good faith that the money spent out of this pot will be used for growing Europe.  The European Commission that is now handling the divorce: United Kingdom – European Union demands a large sum based on written contracts and this sum is for current and future spend on European Structure Funds.

The Structural Funds itself are more complex and made up of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). Together with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund make up the great bulk of EU funding, and the majority of total EU spending.

Most EU citizens have no idea what happens to all these funds or in what channels they disappear. And it is really disappearing this makes it worth to take a closer look at the discussion.

The BREXIT and mainly the discussion around the divorce UK-EU is about the large sum of structure funds. Everybody agrees that EU is driven from Germany and the Atlantic-bridge therefore Brussels is rather a tool while European Commission is a tool for Germany to take control over other member states meaning we can see Brexit a bit as divorce UK – Germany. But even if we not see it this way we have to ask who is coming to this divorce and what the demands are and are they legitimate?

In Germany many of the so called ESF Funds got misused for corruption and manipulating local markets for example in Stuttgart, Schwaebisch Gmuend and many other cities ESF founds was misused by local officials to build their own local markets and this is no secret. The criminal activities were covered by courts and police even when there where blotters made. The money was not only misused it was also a key player in destroying local market structures covered by higher officials. There are many Websites that have proven these facts including investigative journalists and transparency international. We are not talking about 1000 Euros no we are talking about billions of Euros and even though police and other institutions are informed nothing happens in Germany or should we say Nazi Deutschland since these happenings are nothing new they happened in same way during the Nazi regime but this time Germany demands UK tax money to pay their crimes.


I have personally covered up some of the corruption in terms of ESF Funds and had to leave Germany for it. I have personal informed all institutions including European Commission so of course they know what is going on. Many people have lost on this since corruption in such scale has high demands but criminals are still in power and in business and courts are covering these criminal activities.



In Stuttgart Wolfgang Leidig former mayor from Schwaebisch Gmuend was fired as director in the ministry of labor and commerce. He was fired by the Minister Nils Schmid after I have personal informed the minister about the criminal activities but Wolfgang Leidig was not prosecuted since to many peoples are involved.

Around 20Billion Euros on Structure Funds was misused in Germany. I would ask Germany during this divorce to have a look at their contracts and have documents for each and every project so UK prosecutor can evaluate. If it’s clear that money was misused they must prosecute the criminals and create case studies about the long term outcome of market manipulation including such that goes cross border including their victims and corporates.

I personally believe the UK people should not pay 1 pound on such funds until competition law and prosecution has taken place.

The European Commission should explain why they have not reacted on such serious matters.

ICC (International Crime Court Den Haag) and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg where informed why have they not reacted?

I think Germany and the European Commission will take some time to explain in the meanwhile the United Kingdom should do an own investigation and avoid under any circumstance to feed such corrupt system with UK tax money.

Additional Data on BREXIT

The UK’s contribution to the EU Budget  (click to open PDF)

The €60 billion Brexit billHow to disentangle Britain from the EU budget  (click to open PDF)

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